It is mutually agreed between FilmFolk and all parties that the following terms and conditions form an integral part of all bookings and that no variation or modification shall be effective, unless accepted by FilmFolk in writing.


Full payment is required to secure a booking. An option of a £500 deposit payment is available on bookings made over 3 months in advance. The balance must be paid at least 14 days before the project date. Any upgrades required after booking are subject to availability and prevailing rates. Downgrades are not permitted except under the cancellation terms below. Delivery of materials will not be made until any outstanding payments are made.


You may cancel your booking within 14 days of signing our contract for a full refund. This is provided there are at least 7 days remaining before the start time of your project. Otherwise, a 50% cancellation fee will apply to cover our pre-production costs and the exclusive commitment made to your project date/s.


If you wish to extend or amend your booking such as the date or times booked, you may do so up to 7 days before the project date, subject to our availability. An admin fee will apply, plus charges for any additional services. Any downgrades will be treated under the cancellation terms above.


Our crew will attend for the number of hours stated on your contract. Attendance includes any breaks or transfers between locations during your project. If you require our crew to stay longer than booked (eg schedule extension or overrunning), we will invoice you for the additional attendance after the event in 15 minute increments. Materials will not be released until this is settled. 


Our call-out charge covers travel to a single location in London & South East. Any additional travel required during the project will be charged on at cost, plus a 20% administration fee and VAT. An invoice for additional travel expenses will be sent after the shoot and must be paid before receipt of materials.

Production Planning

Clients are required to provide detailed information about their project in advance through our Project Planning Interface. Such information includes an event schedule, coverage required, key participants and location information. This information must be supplied at least 48 hours before the project date. Failure to do so may compromise the quality and coverage of the finished work.

Liability & Force Majeure

The company's total liability shall in all circumstances be limited to the net contract value. The company will not be liable for any consequences due to circumstances beyond its control, including restrictions placed by third party individuals. In the event of inclement weather, the crew will do their best to adapt for any outdoor coverage required within the time allocated. Should delays occur due to circumstances outside our control, we may stay on beyond the agreed time subject to an additional fee.

Meals & Breaks

In accordance with UK employment law our crew are entitled to a minimum 20-minute break on bookings of 6 or more hours. Breaks are included in your booking times, but may be taken at a mutually convenient point, such as during a formal dinner. Clients should provide a hot meal and refreshments to avoid crew needing to go off site. Meals should be served in a prompt manner to avoid delays with ongoing coverage. If meals or refreshments are not provided (or within a practical timeframe), a charge of £40 per crew member will apply.  


Whilst every effort is made to provide the film or photography coverage requested, FilmFolk does not guarantee to capture any specific item and the crew's judgment regarding feasibility shall be deemed correct. Clients are strongly recommended to book additional crew if they would like coverage of simultaneous elements or multiple angles such as for ceremonies, speeches and live performances. The client also understands it is their responsibility to obtain permission for filming from all parties involved.

STUDIO Editing

Post-production work on projects can take up to 3 months subject to workload and complexity. Express delivery options are available for clients at an additional fee. Studio projects cannot commence until payment has been made. FilmFolk’s creative and technical judgment regarding all studio editing is final. Requests for amendments after delivery must be made within 2 weeks. No charge will be made for technical errors within our control (such as encoding glitches). Any creative or editorial changes will be subject to feasibility and charged at £98 per round. Editing projects are archived two months after delivery after which no further changes will be possible.

Usage & Copyright

In accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1998 the intellectual  rights of all creative work remains with the creators FilmFolk. However, clients are entitled to full usage rights, including display on advertising, websites or social media. However, material may not be broadcast on TV or published in commercial magazines without the company’s consent. Clips and images from projects may be displayed by FilmFolk on its own website or social media. If clients wish to purchase the full copyright they may do so for a nominal 20% fee.